Investment HighlightsAs of March 31, 2021

Equity - Direct Investments

12 States

Investment1: $905.0MM
Properties1: 32
Facility Type2: ILF

Watermark Fountains3
11 States

Investment1: $645.8MM
Properties1: 15
Facility Type2: CCRC

Rochester, NY

Investment1: $219.5MM
Properties1: 10
Facility Type2: ILF, ALF

Long Island, NY

Investment1: $126.8MM
Properties1: 4
Facility Type2: ALF

Watermark Aqua4
Texas & Ohio

Investment1: $77.5MM
Properties1: 4
Facility Type2: ILF, ALF

Oregon & Washington

Investment1: $99.4MM
Properties1: 5
Facility Type2: ILF, ALF

Smyrna, GA

Investment1: $10.0MM
Properties1: 1
Facility Type2: MCF

Oak Cottage
Santa Barbara, CA

Investment1: $19.4MM
Properties1: 1
Facility Type2: MCF

Kansas City
Kansas City, KS

Investment: Held For Sale
Properties: 2
Facility Type2: ALF
Equity - Direct Investments - SOLD

Franklin, MI

Sales Price $12.0MM
Properties: 1

Cheektawaga, NY

Sales Price $17.3MM
Properties: 1

Anthenaeum, NY

Sales Price $2.4MM
Properties: 1

Harvard Square
Denver, CO

Sales Price $22.0MM
Properties: 1
Equity - Unconsolidated Investments

4 States

Investment1: $391.3MM
Properties1: 89
Facility Type2: SNF, ALF

11 States

Investment1: $270.8MM
Properties1: 133
Facility Type2: SNF, ALF

Diversified US/UK
27 States & U.K.

Investment1: $445.9MM
Properties1: 246
Facility Type2: MOB,SNF,ALF

11 States

Investment1: $37.3MM
Properties1: 51
Facility Type2: SNF, ALF
Equity - Unconsolidated Investments – REALIZED & SOLD


Total Distributions5:  $6.3MM

Trilogy (partial ownership sale)

Sales Price5: $48.0MM

Espresso Mezzanine Loan
11 States

Amount1: $49.4MM
Properties1: 133
Facility Type2: SNF, ALF
Debt & Securities - REPAID & SOLD

Cedar Creek

Type: First Mortgage
Amount1: $11.3MM


Type: Mezzanine Loan
Amount1: $120.0MM


Type: First Mortgage
Amount1: $14.6MM

Freddie Mac (sale)

Type: Securities
Investment1: $30.5MM

1) Does not include properties held for sale. Investment amount based on cost for real estate equity investments, which includes purchase price allocations related to net intangibles, deferred costs, other assets, if any, and adjusted for subsequent capital expenditures. May exclude other costs and expenses, including pre-funded capital expenditures, adjustments for working capital and other items relating to the closing of the investment. Includes NorthStar Healthcare’s proportionate share of assets acquired through unconsolidated joint ventures. Amount based on principal for real estate debt and purchase price for real estate securities. 2) Classification based on predominant type of services provided at each property, but may include other services. 3) This investment includes 14 CCRCs and one property containing condominium units in which NorthStar Healthcare holds future interests. Nine of the properties are owned jointly by NorthStar Healthcare and The Freshwater Group, Inc. (Freshwater) for 97% and 3% interests, respectively. 4) Owned jointly by NorthStar Healthcare and Freshwater for 97% and 3% interests, respectively. 5) Represents cumulative distributions received to date. The joint venture continues to hold funds in escrow, which may be distributed in the future.