Investment DetailsAs of December 31, 2023

Direct Operating and Net Lease Investments

12 States

Investment1: $745.7MM
Properties1: 32
Facility Type2: ILF

Rochester3, 6
Rochester, NY

Investment1: $47.2MM
Properties2: 2
Facility Type2: ILF, ALF

Long Island, NY

Investment1: $98.3MM
Properties1: 4
Facility Type2: ALF

Texas & Ohio

Investment1: $84.6MM
Properties1: 4
Facility Type2: ILF, ALF, MCF

Oregon & Washington

Investment1: $94.6MM
Properties1: 5
Facility Type2: ALF

Oak Cottage
Santa Barbara, CA

Investment1: $18.7MM
Properties1: 1
Facility Type2: MCF
Direct Operating and Net Lease Investments - SOLD

Franklin, MI

Sales Price $12.0MM
Properties: 1

Cheektawaga, NY

Sales Price $17.3MM
Properties: 1

Anthenaeum, NY

Sales Price $2.4MM
Properties: 1

Harvard Square
Denver, CO

Sales Price $22.0MM
Properties: 1

Smyrna, GA

Sales Price $2.0MM
Properties: 1

Kansas City
Kansas City, KS

Sales Price $5.4MM
Properties: 2

Watermark Fountains
11 States

Sales Price $580.0MM
Properties: 14

Victor, NY

Sales Price $12.0MM
Properties: 1


Unconsolidated Investments
4 States
Investment1: $122.3MM
Properties1: 125
Facility Type2: Integrated campus
Unconsolidated Investments - REALIZED & SOLD


Total Distributions5: $7.2MM


Total Distributions5: $95.1MM

Trilogy (partial ownership sale)

Sales Price: $48.0MM

Diversified US/UK and Eclipse (ownership sale)

Exchanged for 9.7MM shares of our common stock
Debt & Securities - REPAID & SOLD

Cedar Creek

Type: First Mortgage
Amount1: $11.3MM


Type: Mezz Loan
Amount1: $120.0MM


Type: First Mortgage
Amount1: $14.6MM

Freddie Mac (sale)

Type: Securities
Investment1: $30.5MM

Espresso Mezzanine Loan

Type: Mezz Loan
Amount: $75.0MM

1) For direct investments, amount represents gross real estate carrying value, net of impairment, before accumulated depreciation as presented in NorthStar Healthcare's consolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2023. For unconsolidated investments, amount represents the carrying value of the investments in unconsolidated ventures as presented in NorthStar Healthcare'sconsolidated financial statements as of December 31, 2023. 2) Classification based on predominant type of services provided at each property, but may include other services. 3) NorthStar Healthcare owns a 97% and affiliates of Watermark own a 3% non-controlling interest in the Rochester and Aqua portfolios. 4) Property count includes properties owned and leased by the joint venture and excludes its institutional pharmacy and therapy businesses. 5) Represents cumulative distributions received to date. 6) Excludes one property classified as held for sale in December 2023, which was sold in February 2024, and seven healthcare real estate properties, securing seven individual mortgage notes payable, which were placed into a receivership in October 2023.