About Us


Our Strategy

NorthStar Healthcare's primary objective is to maximize value and generate liquidity for shareholders. The key elements of this strategy include:

  • Grow the Operating Income Generated by its Portfolio. Through active portfolio management, NorthStar Healthcare will continue to review and implement operating strategies and initiatives that address factors impacting the industry, including inflation and other economic conditions, to enhance the performance of our existing investment portfolio.

  • Deploy Strategic Capital Expenditures. NorthStar Healthcare will continue to invest capital into its investments in order to maintain market position, functional and operating standards, and improve occupancy and resident rates, in an effort to enhance the overall value of our assets.

  • Pursue Disposition Opportunities that Maximize Value. NorthStar Healthcare will pursue dispositions of assets and portfolios where NorthStar Healthcare believe the disposition will achieve a desired return and generate value for shareholders.

Various factors that could have a material adverse effect on NorthStar Healthcare’s operations and future prospects are set forth in its filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).