As of March 31, 2023

Portfolio Snapshot
Total Investment1 $1.4B
Number of Investments1 61
Number of Properties1 455
Geographical Location 32 U.S. States & the United Kingdom
Proceeds Raised $2.0B

Investment Type Number of Investments1 Number of Properties1 Amount1
Equity | Direct Investments 56 56 $ 1.2B
Equity | Unconsolidated Investments 52 399 $171.5MM

Investment Type: Equity | Direct Investments

Number of Investments: 56
Number of Properties: 56
Amount $ 1.2B


Investment Type: Equity | Unconsolidated Investments

Number of Investments: 52
Number of Properties: 399
Amount $171.5MM


Facility Type

Geographic Location

Equity | Direct Investments
Investment # of Properties1DateFacility

Equity | Direct Investments

Winterfell 32May 2015/
Mar 2016
ILF12 States$715.7MM
Rochester4 10Aug 2017ILF
Rochester, NY$186.6MM
Arbors 4Sep 2014ALFLong Island, NY$103.9MM
Avamere 5Feb 2017ILF
Oregon & Washington$93.6MM
Aqua4 4VariousILF
Texas & Ohio$82.9MM
Oak Cottage 1Feb 2017MCFSanta Barbara, CA$18.6MM
Equity | Unconsolidated Investments
Investment Joint Venture Partner(s)# of
Type 3

Equity | Unconsolidated Investments

Diversified US/UK NRF HoldCo, LLC & Partner234Dec 2014SNF, ALF, CCRC
27 States & 48 Properties in UK14.3%$26.8MM
Trilogy5 American Healthcare REIT, Inc.98Dec 2015SNF, ALF, ILF
4 States23.2%$126.2MM
Eclipse Formation Capital, NRF HoldCo,LLC & Partner34May 2014ALF, SNF9 States5.6%$0.0MM
Espresso Formation Capital & Safanad33Jul 2015SNF, ALFOhio & Michigan36.7%$18.1MM

ALF: Assisted Living | CCRC: Continuing Care Retirement Communities | ILF: Independent Living | MCF: Memory Care | MOB: Medical Office Building | SNF: Skilled Nursing

Pinebrook | Milford, OH
Oak Cottage | Santa Barbara, CA
Winterfell | South Colleyvine Ranch | Grapevine, TX

NorthStar Healthcare owns the properties pictured. 1) For direct investments, amount represents operating real estate, before accumulated depreciation as presented in our consolidated financial statements as of March 31, 2023. For unconsolidated investments, amount represents the carrying value of our investments in unconsolidated ventures as presented in our consolidated financial statements as of March 31, 2023. 2) Includes investment in Solstice Senior Living, LLC, or Solstice. 3) Classification based on predominant type of services provided at each property, but may include other services. 4) Owned jointly by NorthStar Healthcare and Freshwater for 97% and 3% interests, respectively. 5) Includes institutional pharmacy, therapy businesses and lease purchase buy-out options, which are not subject to property count.