Investor Relations



On April 20, 2022, the board of directors (the Board) of NorthStar Healthcare declared a special distribution of $0.50 per share payable to shareholders on record as of May 2, 2022. The Company does not anticipate recurring distributions in the near future, in light of the cash flow generated by investments as compared to capital expenditure needs and debt service obligations. However, the Board will evaluate special distributions in connection with asset sales and other realization of investments on a case-by-case basis based on, among other factors, current and projected liquidity needs, opportunities for investment in assets (such as capital expenditure and de-levering opportunities) and other strategic initiatives.

On February 1, 2019, the Board of NorthStar Healthcare determined to suspend the monthly distribution payments to stockholders, effective immediately. In determining to suspend monthly distribution payments to stockholders, the Board performed a thorough analysis of NorthStar Healthcare’s business, financial condition, liquidity sources and capital needs and concluded it to be prudent to preserve capital and protect NorthStar Healthcare’s financial position by suspending distributions.

Prior to February 2019, NorthStar Healthcare generally paid distributions on a monthly basis based on daily record dates on the first business day of the month following the month for which the distribution was accrued. From the date of its first investment on April 5, 2013 through December 31, 2017, NorthStar Healthcare paid an annualized distribution amount of $0.675 per share of its common stock. For the year ended December 31, 2018 and month ended January 31, 2019, NorthStar Healthcare paid an annualized distribution amount of $0.3375 per share of its common stock.

Year/Period Payment Frequency Daily Accrual Rate
(per share)
Annualized Rate
(per share)
Total Dividends
Declared (000's)
2013 Monthly $    0.0018493200 $    0.6750 $    1,312
2014 Monthly 0.0018493200 0.6750 26,641
2015 Monthly 0.0018493200 0.6750 88,271
2016 Monthly 0.0018493200 0.6750 123,142
2017 Monthly 0.0009246580 0.6750 125,803
2018 Monthly 0.0009246580 0.3375 63,256
January 2019 Monthly 0.0009246580 0.3375 5,431
April 2022 One-Time n/a 0.5000 97,052
TOTAL       $  530,908


To the extent distributions are paid from sources other than funds from operations (FFO), the ownership interest of NorthStar Healthcare’s public stockholders will be diluted. Future distributions declared and paid may exceed FFO and cash flow provided by operations. FFO, as defined, may not reflect actual cash available for distributions.

Tax Forms

There are no tax forms for 2021 and 2020 as NorthStar Healthcare did not declare or pay any distributions in those years.